Quilpie Opals
For over 30 years, Quilpie Opals has been presenting the finest opal
jewellery and loose stones that Australia has to offer. In that time, we have established a well-deserved reputation for quality and service which is second to none.

Quilpie Opals is an Australian owned and operated family business established in 1969 in the outback mining township of Quilpie, Western Queensland.

From humble beginnings our company quickly grew into a large scale opal mining operation, developing open-cut mining techniques which revolutionized the industry at the time.

We opened our first retail store in Brisbane in 1981. Nowadays our modern showroom offers a vast selection of styles for ladies and gents including black, white and boulder opal jewellery, loose stones and watches with prices to suit every budget. We also offer a selection of Australian hand crafted souvenirs and corporate gifts.

Our store offers a relaxed and friendly shopping experience with exceptional service from our highly trained, multi-lingual staff.

As one of the modern pioneers in the Queensland opal industry, we take great pride in offering an educational experience for all our international visitors where they can learn about Australia’s national gemstone - the opal.

Our unique educational facilities include:
• An informative talk on opal,opal mining, cutting and polishing
• Opal educational display
• Rock Cracking Shed

All purchases are backed up by our World Wide Guarantee on manufacturer’s workmanship and a Certificate of Authenticity and Valuation. We will be pleased to make tax free arrangements for overseas visitors.

Our Brisbane City George Street Retail Store

Take a look at our Boulder Opal Waterfall .